How to prevent stroke with the use of regular Olive oil

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Regular use of Olive oil has numerous advantages for health.

The list of benefits starts rolling in my mind as olive oil becomes a topic of discussion. This oil is a popular name and is known widely for its health benefits. The best way to control health problems is to take precautions in advance. All possible precautions should be taken. Including olive oil in your diet is one fabulous way to keep health problems treed.

Health disorders like cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal ramifications, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, etc can be controlled by eating foods cooked in olive oil. The benefits list is very long. Start using this oil from today and bring enhancement to your health.

The problem of strokes is gaining high momentum among people. Though old people are common sufferers, these days’ young people are also seen suffering from it. Olive oil can be used to direct the problem of strokes too. In recent studies, it is being proved. The strokes problem is about the heart. Olive oil maintains heart health, thus preventing strokes from happening. A stroke is a condition when a person suddenly loses consciousness. Let’s see how olive oil treats strokes and why the problem of strokes takes place?

The problem of stroke surfaces when blood supply to the brain cuts down due to blockage in blood vessels. Blood vessels carry blood all over the body including the brain. Due to occlusion blood does not goes all over the body. When the brain becomes deficient in blood, a person faces a stroke. Brain cells stop developing due to no blood in the brain area. Brain cells are essential to development as they supervise certain body functions. When brain cells come to a halt, the functions performed by them also come to a halt. It is not a mild situation but rather a very severe one.

Delay in the treatment can make the condition life-threatening. Hence, as soon face a stroke, just visit the doctor and get treatment. Taking precautionary measures in advance is important. The most advised precaution to be taken is to start cooking food in olive oil. The day this oil will be included in your diet, the strokes problem will say bye to you. Cook all meals in olive oil. Due to being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps in the lowering of triglycerides.

Low triglycerides meals no high blood pressure problem. Not just this, the oil also brings down LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the levels of HDL (good cholesterol). When cholesterol is in control, blood clots or fatty plaques do not occur in the blood vessels. It means blood vessels can easily carry blood all over. A healthy blood supply to the body prevents heart problems like strokes and heart attacks. Olive oil is a healthy oil and very different from other oils.

Olive oil is not 100% a remedy for strokes. Other factors are also responsible for causing strokes. Bad lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, sedentary living, etc all contribute to stroke. So, improving in all these areas is equally important. However, using olive oil is one strong method to control the problem of strokes. Including exercise in daily routine also plays important role in preventing the onset of strokes.

Last but not the least, after knowing so many benefits of olive oil, it would be insane not to include it in my diet. Do not be held back yourself because the oil is expensive as compared to the other oils. Just look at its qualities and surely the qualities would dwarf the price thing.