What do You need to Know About Patella Fractures?

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In this post, we will have a look at patella fractures in detail along with the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Patella is a bone that covers the knee joint. It is also referred to as the kneecap. Any injury like a fracture to this bone can cause painful complications while eliminating knee movement. It totally depends on the severity of the fracture about what type of complications will occur. In most cases, the healthcare service provider recommends surgical intervention. The surgery might also require Orthopedic Trauma Implants to stabilize the broken bone fragments. 

In this post, we will have a look at patella fractures in detail along with the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Let us start with a brief introduction to patella fractures.


What is a Patella Fracture?

In layman’s terms, a patella fracture can be defined as a break in the kneecap. Patella is a small flat bone that covers and protects the knee joint. Patellar fractures generally occur because of direct impact on the knee. Such a condition arises due to trauma or sports injuries. The intensity of the impact that occurred on the knee decides the severity of the fracture. 


What Could be the Severity of Patellar Fractures?

As it is clear now that patella fracture occurs because of direct impact but the intensity of the impact will decide what type of fracture it would be. It may be a hairline crack, break into two pieces, and multiple breaks could be there. The treatment will be provided depending on the type of break. In some cases, patellar tendons may also get damaged. Hence, during the treatment, tendon repair will also be required. 


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Patellar Fractures?

Some of the most common signs symptoms associated with patellar fractures include:

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising 
  • Inability to move your leg like straightening, raising, and extending
  • Inability to walk


How Patellar Fracture is diagnosed?

The diagnosis is often made with a physical examination and along with this, certain diagnostic tests are ordered. At first, the healthcare service provider will examine the injured knee for visible signs like swelling, bruising, and range of motion. This will give the doctor an idea of what treatment would be the best. To confirm the diagnosis, X-ray and/or CT scan will be ordered. 


How Patella Fractures Are Treated?

The treatment of patellar fracture totally depends on the diagnostic reports. At first, the surgeon will look for hemarthrosis, if it is there, it will be treated first. After this, the type of break is examined, and if a stable fracture is there, it can be managed without surgery. While on the other hand, if multiple breaks are there and the fracture is unstable, surgery will be required. 

During the surgery, the surgeon will use orthopedic implants like bone screws, pins, plates, and wires to realign the bone pieces and allow them to heal. Too small pieces of bone may be removed by the surgeon.

Above all, rest with the application of a cast or a splint may also be required for better healing. Rehabilitation is also vital in ensuring quick and improved recovery. 

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