OSRS Sins of the Father Quest Rewards

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The teleporting process involves transferring from Ver Sinhaza via Drakan's medallion before running north. Once you pass the dock that is small, continue east until you reach Slepe.

Old School Runescape Sins of the Father is the fifth quest in the Myreque quest series. It was announced at RuneFest 2019, The quest is of Master difficulty and is about a scheme, hatched by The Myreque and Vanescula Drakan in order to murder Lord Drakan himself.

Take a trip to Slepe either


The teleporting process involves transferring from Ver Sinhaza via Drakan's medallion before running north. Once you pass the dock that is small, continue east until you reach Slepe.

Using the Ectophial in order to teleport into the Ectofuntus after which you will head north towards the small dock, and taking payment Andras 10,000 coins to row towards Slepe. Slepe is the dock to the south-west of Slepe.

If you're in Slepe and you are there, talk to Veliaf Hurtz, who is outside the church. He tells you that the city is currently suffering from an illness known as Sleeper Plague in which sufferers go into deep sleep. After conducting an investigation and investigation, he believes that vampyres cause the plague, and would like to know if you can look for the source of the disease while he continues his investigation in the Crombwick Manor. You agree to assist him.


Enter the church and speak to Hameln the Jester. His travel companion, Hanchen the Hound, was afflicted by sleeping Plague. Ask him how he fell sick and he'll tell you that the two of them went to the local bar, The Rat amp; Bat after a few drinks. Shortly afterward, Hanchen began to fall sick and then collapse.


Visit The Rat amp; Bat just east of the church and talk to Carl the barman. Ask him where he gets his bloody bracers from, and he will act suspicious when you ask questions. Inspect the barrel behind the bar, and you'll find out that Carl is about out of Bloody Bracers, and decide to follow the man.


Carl will stroll through Slepe and then turn around, where you will need to hide behind a piece of land or a structure in order to avoid being in danger of being caught. If you are caught, you'll start from the beginning.


Pass through the church and then hide behind the north entrance, and stay there until he passes the doors.

Go north until you reach the trees and hide.

Once he is in the central of the town square, hide at the trees close to the gallows.

Keep waiting until he gets into the graveyard. Run to the plant at the graveyard entrance.

Step inside into the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

When Carl is in the dungeon, without getting caught an action sequence will begin in which Carl speaks to Kroy the vampyre herbalist about you and your suspicions. When they leave, Damien Leucurte and Vanstrom Klause are seen with Kroy and inform Kroy about his finding of Elixir of Everlasting, a formula created by Otrava of The Sisterhood which extends their lives, with the disadvantage of sleeping longer and longer time periods until they don't wake.


Damien Kroy and Damien Kroy confessed that they were behind the re-emergence of the Sleeper Plague by mix the Elixir with Bloody bracers, in order that they could perform greater blood tithes for the victims, who only require small amounts of blood that an average human requires. Vanstrom is not pleased with this, as he is in charge of Morytania's Blood tithes. Damien has not received his permission to conduct this which could attract being the subject of unwanted attention. Vanstrom further informs him that Damien as well The Myreque have already arrived in Slepe, and leaves to Darkmeyer.

After both of them leave, you will enter Kroy's laboratory. Being aware of everything, Kroy will attack you by melee or magical attacks.


In the midst of the battle, pray protect yourself from Magic because his damage from melee is less than magic. Kroy is susceptible to injury by weapon other than Ivandis flail, so it's recommended to take advantage of this by using a ranged and secure spotting from behind the northern tables.


Kroy will occasionally throw an empty bottle that weakens you if you don't move away from the way. The sequence is different from his normal attack and you should be aware of a vial being thrown into his hands. It's also visible from the air, which means that safe-spotting will allow you to see it , and to move away from the way. Once the vial has been to be thrown, as long as it doesn't land on you, a puddle will be left on the ground that will also weaken you if you step over it. The battle is quite simple once the mechanics are learned However, it is important to bring a few pieces of food items to be safe.


When you kill Kroy after killing him, take down the two lab tables , then return to Veliaf.


Take note that you must ensure that your pet's bank account is in place because it could stop you from embarking on your trek with Ivan Strom


On your return to Veliaf, you report that the vampyres really are the reason for the Sleeper Plague and you also hear the conversation is between Damien Vanstrom and Damien Vanstrom. Veliaf talks about rumours he was told about the rising blood-sucking demand since the vampyre population is increasing, and also heard the tiniest part of a discussion between the and the Crombwick Manor, where Vanstrom accusing Damien of asking for too many blood tithes of the werewolves.


Veliaf concludes that the werewolves merit further investigation, and that the increased demands for blood in Darkmeyer might cause turmoil that the Myreque may have the ability to profit of. Before continuing the investigation, Veliaf wishes to check in with Drezel and Ivan Strom at Paterdomus.

Head to Drezel at the Paterdomus. He informs you as well as Veliaf that the kidnappings carried out by the werewolves has escalated, and that Ivan is hearing of a meeting in the Haunted Woods where he's gone to spy on. Veliaf is furious and asks Drezel what prompted him to let the kidnapper go unsupported and insists that he be protected. It is then asked why Ivan is so significant, and Drezel reveals he is the last living descendant of Ivandis, one of the Seven Priestly Warriors who first granted blessings to his River Salve.

After a long debate about Ivan's fate You suggest Veliaf and you go to the place of meeting to find Ivan. Ivan is located directly south of Fenkenstrain's Castle and the meeting begins within a few minutes. The meeting takes place among three werewolves as well as Damien Leucurte, who have delivered a three-member family to Damien which confirms the suspicion that werewolves were the culprits behind the kidnappings. Ivan proposes to follow the werewolves, however Vanescula Drakanwho is the sibling of Lord Drakan knocks Veliaf back, and then snares him, you and Ivan.

Vanescula comes to talk with you and others She offers the chance to kill her last remaining brother, Lord Drakan himself. Veliaf who is sceptical of her motives She asks her why wish to see her brother murdered however, she is unable to divulge the location of her brother's body. Instead, she'll explain her story at the Icyene Graveyard, providing that all the Myreque members are present. Veliaf believes that this is an attempt to lure them all out However, Vanescula says she knows the location of she is going to locate the Myreque Hideout is, and in the event that they don't attend her, she will murder the entire group of resistance.


Left with no choice, Veliaf travels to the Burgh de Rott hideout to inform the others in the group, and also inform Safalaan's group in Meiyerditch and you accompany Ivan towards Burgh de Rott. First, Ivan needs to update Drezel on the situation and also collect some items from Paterdomus. He suggests you come to him in front of the temple when you're prepared.


Travel west from Canifis (towards Paterdomus, near fairy ring "CKS") And talk at Ivan Strom to begin your journey. This route is similar to Temple Trekking, but there are four distinct obstacles you and Ivan are expected to face:


River crossing A knife is used to cut three vines from the smaller trees. After that, tie the vines in order to form a long, slender vine. Toss the long vine onto the larger tree's branch , and take a leap over the river. If you've forgotten to bring a knife, search the nearby backpack to find one.

Nail beasts - Kill the three nail monsters who range from level from 69 to 141. If Ivan's health has gone down Use your food on him to heal him. ( Attention: If are using Purple Sweets, Ivan will eat the whole stack! )

Broken bridge - Chop down the trees and then use the logs to fill in the gap in your bridge. You should either have an hammer in your inventory or holding an axe in order to fix the bridge. If you've forgotten to bring an axe, take out the nearby zombie to obtain an axe made of bronze.

Vampyre Juvinates - Kill two Vampyre Juvinates. You'll require weapons to kill vampyres at tier 2; the Ivandis flail works the best. immediately attack the vampyre right before Ivan and do the same to the other one to avoid Ivan's death. If the attack fails and Ivan's health is not good, apply food on him to heal him.

If you are at Burgh of Rott make a deal at length with Ivan Strom, who will proceed towards the dock. After, head to the dock on the southern coast and speak to Veliaf Hurtz or Ivan Strom. If you don't speak with either Ivan Strom or Veliaf Hurtz prior to boarding your boat, you will not have the option of sailing to Icyne. Icyene Graveyard.

Take a trip towards Icyene Graveyard. Safalaan will welcome you as well as Veliaf, and invite you to become lieutenant. Vanescula Drakan is there and explains the plans she has. While the human population shrinks as vampyres' numbers have grown, and there's just not enough blood to go around. And, despite this crisis their leader Lowerniel Drakan, has been absentfor months, confined to his room and refusing visit anyone. She is determined to overthrow her brother and take over with humans and vampyres coexisting peacefully as they did in the Zarosian Empire in the Second Age. She plans to help the Myreque kill Lowerniel, with the Myreque giving credit for his death in order that Vanescula could easily succeed him without causing any trouble to those who are loyal to Lowerniel. If the Myreque do not accept her suggestion, she will kill them If they stay in Morytania because she is unable to pay for any loose ends.


While Vanescula and the others think over her proposal She then asks to talk with Safalaan in private. Veliaf being suspicious of her intentions, requests for your participation. Vanescula will reveal that is aware of Safalaan's secret powers and the truth about his background and power is hidden in the large mausoleum, which was built for the queen Efaritay as well as King Ascertes, who were the former rulers of Morytania (then known as Hallowvale). But the door is locked and you must solve an equation to unlock it.

Complete the puzzle The puzzle is similar to Kakurasu. The objective of the puzzle is to get the numbers that are active (different for every player) and are indicated with the blue and yellow squares in each row/column, to add up to the number shown on that row or column. The red flags are not required to complete this puzzle but can aid in marking off squares they believe they will not need. The easiest way to begin is by checking for any numbers in a row or column that are below 5, as you can apply that to eliminate a few of possibilities. In addition, some numbers can only be solved using a specific combination (e.g. 11 is solvable applying the number 5,3,2,1 and 5,4,2). To save yourself the trouble of the elimination process.

Once the puzzle is solved and the final piece is solved, a cutscene starts playing where you and Safalaan discover that he is the half-human and half-icyene son of Efaritay and Ascertes, and that he had a sister before, Larina Hallow and that his abilities were that associated with an icyene. Safalaan later asks where the tombs of his parents are, as the mausoleum was built for them, but the only one of his sisters was found. He agrees to Vanescula's plan to overthrow Lowerniel, on the condition she reveals the location of his parents as well as that he be the one who deals the killing blow on her brother. Vanescula discloses that only Lowerniel can be aware of Efaritay's fate, and that Ascertes underwent the vampyrification process and became Vanstrom Klause.


Needing some time alone, Safalaan asks you to speak to Ivan Strom, Vertida Sefalatis, Kael Forshaw, Radigad Ponfit as well as Polmafi Ferdygris and lastly Veliaf Hurtz, in that particular order. Note: The Myreque members must be spoken to in the specific order that is listed. Make sure to talk to each member and get their confirmation that they will help, then talk to Veliaf who will grudgingly agree to help too. Verify your quest journal before proceeding.


After reaching an agreement with everyone that it is a good idea, Vanescula believes the laboratory under Meiyerditch might have many more secrets to be discovered, some of which can be able to improve the Ivandis flail to give the Myreque the best chance of winning. You and Safalaan will investigate the laboratory together.


Get to the laboratory. The quickest way to get there it is to teleport towards Ver Sinhaza using your Drakan's Medallion and talk to the Vyrewatch close to the bank. They will ask for the money to be sent to the mines. Mining 15 daeyalt, place the ore into a cart Then talk to a Vyrewatch to let you out (if you've left a tool in your bag or a pickaxe, request one of the miners for an iron pickaxe). You will be taken from the mines. Check the houses for the staircase that runs down (Laboratory From Darkness in Hallowvale). The structure is situated against the eastern wall. Go towards the house you had to enter before going up the stairs to leap over the wall and enter the secret room on carpet. From here , you can continue heading north-east and stay close to the eastern wall. You will find the house that has a large tapestry inside one room which is colored red and yellow. Go through the tapestry that is slashed before descending the steps.

Talk with Safalaan and you both will explore the lab. However there is a Mutated Bloodveld will show up when Safalaan is unaware of his icyene power to kill the creature, knocking him unconscious. A second will appear and you have to kill it. The fight is very simple and easy, and the bloodveld is very easily identified. After you've defeated it, talk to Safalaan again, and he may question the value of his abilities since there is no control over how and when he could make use of them.


After speaking with Safalaan, walk west to the next room. There, search the bookshelf against the western wall (behind two cages) for a book titled Haemalchemy volume 2. Return to Safalaan and hand the book to him. Safalaan will ask that you return to Icyene Graveyard. Teleport or walk back towards Burgh de Rott. Run to the south-east, and then take the boat to return toward where it was. Icyene Graveyard.


2 Quest points

Access to Darkmeyer

It is possible to access the Daeyalt Essence Mine

Zugang to the Hallowed Sepulchre

A collection of experiences, granting 15,000 experience to any ability. (level 60 or higher). This reward can be utilized three times , and it can be used to acquire the same skill.

The Blisterwood flail

Darkmeyer teleport via Drakan's medallion

Travel by boat between Burgh De Rott Slepe and the Icyene Graveyard

You can access the True Blood Altar (with a Blood talisman)

The ability to play the Guardian of Blood in the Guardians of the Rift minigame

Be aware that if your inventory is not full by the time the quest is finished, you will not receive the tome of experiences. The tome is also lost when you die, but can be recovered. Existing reward tomes will also be lost, but can be recovered from Ivan. Talk to Ivan Strom after the quest to claim your reward.

In RuneScape, the fifth installment in the Myreque adventure will be The Branches of Darkmeyer, from which Sins of the Father borrows many elements along with The Lord of Vampyrium, the sequel to The Branches of Darkmeyer, with some minor differences:

Vanescula DRAKAAN first meets the player, Veliaf and Ivan at The Haunted Woods, and proposes her plans in conjunction with Myreque in The Icyene Graveyard. Then, in The Branches of Darkmeyer, she meets just the player and shares with readers the entire specifics of her plans in the in the slums of Meiyerditch.

In RuneScape, The Icyene Graveyard is not visited up to The Lord of Vampyrium (the sixth installment in the series) and is only visited to the extent of Safalaan as well as the player. Additionally, the player learns about the Safalaan's history when they fight Vanstrom at the end of The Branches of Darkmeyer, rather than at the Graveyard.

The Branches of Darkmeyer contains a section in which players must complete various tasks in Darkmeyer while disguised as a lower-class vampyre in order to achieve status in vampyre society, in order to gain access to the Arboretum. This doesn't happen within Sins of the Father, because the player is given various tasks to disguise themselves as noble vampyres.

In RuneScape players' identities are harmed by Ranis and in Sins of the Father, the player's identity is threatened by Vanstrom. In both, the players are saved through the intervention of Vanescula, although Vanescula directly intervenes in the former case, and indirectly intervenes in the later.

Vanescula explains that there's no need to dispose of the Ivandis flail and instead it can simply be upgraded with Blisterwood. This is in reference to the fact that in The Branches of Darkmeyer, the player is able to exchange the flail in totality in exchange for Blisterwood weapons, like Blisterwood polearms, stakes and staffs. Blisterwood polearm, staff, and stakes.

In Sins of the Father, Myreque are a part of the Sins of the Father. Myreque are taken by Castle Drakan as "prisoners" of Vanescula Drakan . Most are killed immediately after Lowerniel Drakan shows up and subdues his sister. Contrastingly, during The Lord of Vampyrium, the Myreque (disguised as nobles of the vyre) and with the help of VanesculaDrakan, attempt to kill Lowerniel Doctorakan on the roof at the top of Castle Drakan upon his return from Vampyrium but the attack fails. He slowly kills off the remainder of the Myreque throughout the quest. They are eventually killed by the player at the end of the quest.

in Branches of Darkmeyer Vanescula asserts that she's powerful enough to take down Lowerniel herself, and is not doing so in order to not bring about political instability within Vampyre society. Then, in Sins of the Father, Lowerniel effortlessly takes her down and makes it very clear that he is much stronger than her.

At the end in Sins of the Father, Ivan is forced to give up Safalaan as he becomes besieged by vyrewatch sentinels leaving his fate uncertain. When the Lord of Vampyrium is revealed, The Lord of Vampyrium, Vanescula "kills" Safalaan in order to steal his blood, which is from an Icyenic origin, to purify her against her own River Salve, and plans using haemalchemy for the transfer of it to the other vampyres.

After Sins of the Father, Ivan's examination text is changed to "The last remaining member of myreque". Myreque". However, this isn't true technically since the player is also an Myreque member.