water leak detection company

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leak detection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a vacuum, but rather it is the result of fatigue and diligence for many years.

Work steps of a water leak detection company in Riyadh
Of course, the company's classification as one of the largest and leading companies in the field of water leak detection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a vacuum, but rather it is the result of fatigue and diligence for many years.

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The system is permeated with work and a study of what is required before starting it. Systematic plans are also relied upon to ensure obtaining the highest level of service, which begins with the following:

Definitely you should contact the company through various communication methods and specify your needs and the exact date.
Customer service will respond immediately to you and send a specialized inspection technician to identify the type of problem and determine the plan followed, as well as any of the devices that suit it.
After identifying the needs, a team consisting of the most skilled workers in the arena who knows well what to do is sent to solve such crises.
These matters are dealt with through the use of devices and equipment that are provided individually, discovering the places of leakage, and then treating the matter without the need to break down walls.
All of this is provided by the water leak detection company in Riyadh at the lowest prices available in the Saudi market, in addition to offering exclusive offers and discounts.

Water leak detection devices in Riyadh
In performing its tasks, the water leak detection company in Riyadh relies on a set of the latest devices and advanced technologies that facilitate the performance of services and easily identify the location of water leak detection, the most important of which are:

Aqua phone:

It is considered one of the best reliable water leak detection devices, as it is easy to detect the leak location easily, relying on nitrogen gas in the water pressure and the appearance of the leakage at the time.

Frequency oscilloscope:

This device works with high efficiency as it sends a group of strong vibrations that show the location of the leak by megahertz from the pipes and then it shows on the screen information showing the condition of the place and the size of the leaks.

magnetic field device:

The team of the Water Leak Detection Company in Riyadh relies on this device, through which the location of the leak is identified by electromagnetic waves that are sent to the pipes.

Ground microphone device:

One of the distinct devices, it consists of two ends, one ends with a speaker, and the other is a measuring device on the wall, and at that time, the presence of leaking sounds is determined or not.

Thermal camera device:

It is used by major water leak detection companies in Riyadh because of its great development, as it works by photographing all connections and then identifying the location of the leak.